About us

Rod Meier Media is the publishing and sales company of the photographer Rod Meier/Germany. Rod Meier is also the owner of this shop.

With Rod Meier Media we are like every publisher and manufacturer registered for our own ISBN and EAN/UPC Codes. We do the marketing, sales and all customer relevant work to offer you the best products and rope wall art.

Fine Art of Bondage photography project

This is really a stunning project with exclusive images we sell all over the the world. Rod Meier does almost all you see in these images: from the idea, the knots and tying and the image retouching.

The project´s images are well known by fetish and rope bondage people all over the world. But these images also have a lot of fans like tattoo lovers and vanilla (straight, not in the fetish scene) people. We think it´s because you can see definitely a touch of art in every work we present.

The Fine Art of Bondage photography project is a mixture of the western and the japanese (shibari/kinbaku) bondage style. It´s made to hang up at your wall !

At the moment there are 4 collections:

  • Beauty of Rope - clothed models and rope
  • Nudes and Rope - partly or full nude models and rope
  • Couples and Rope - Couples or a part of a second person and rope
  • Playtime - The sexiest collection of all here. It should show real play scenes as artwork. Not for every room and some images probably to much for a living room. But clubs, bars, domina studios and so on have an exciting choice of art for their rooms...

In every collection there are some images without rope or with other materials like chains, leather,... 

The Products

There are our premanufactured standard products like wall art on canvas, metal or acryl until 60x40cm in europe, calendars, posters/poster sets and printed art books or ebooks.

But we also over art menufactured on demand like all stretched canvas prints in the US/Canada with a professional manufacturing partner in north america. For europa/the rest of the world we work together with a manufacturer in germany. 
btw: What we search: a manufacturing partner in australia for prints on canvas and/or prints on metal. Good for faster and cheaper shipping to customers in australia/new zealand...

You can also write us if you have any inquiry or idea with our pictures. We already created some exclusive, "limited to one" products of our images - it´s awesome how inspiring some of your ideas are!

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