Imprint Rod Meier Media

Imprint Rod Meier Media

Rod Meier Media – Publishing Company für Books, eBooks, prints and Calendars

Rod Meier Media
R o d   M e i e r    /    W a l t e r   Z i r n
Brueckenstr. 1
89231 Neu-Ulm
phone: +49-731-70535545
EU VAT ID / UstID: DE185609315

About Rod Meier / Rod Meier Media

Rod Meier is an international published photographer, video producer and book author in the photography and art business.
Rod Meier Media´s mission is production and marketing of printed products like books/ebooks, calendars and magazines for photographers, models, artists and creative people.

Rod Meier Photography:
Fine Art of Bondage – Art Project: